Living a Laptop Lifestyle: Too Good To Be True?

It's 2:39 and I really should be sleeping, but I just can't. My mind has been working overtime lately and I must admit that it's made getting a good nights sleep harder at times. I know this is just a time of particularly high energy and creative activity, and that things will settle, so I'm… Continue reading Living a Laptop Lifestyle: Too Good To Be True?

“One thing I can tell you, is you got to be free”

Another Sunday shift. I don't resent going to work, in fact I have it pretty easy with what I do. I'm sitting in the Hard-Rock Cafe right now listening to the Beatles. I resent that the vast majority of us work jobs we don't want, working below our skill level or in a field that… Continue reading “One thing I can tell you, is you got to be free”

Day… What Day Is This?

So the day-by-day posts have fallen by the wayside, with me not having managed to post every single day (and I think I'd skipped a number somewhere anyway). It saved me pondering over titles for too long though. This is more just a quick update - filler content, so to speak - since I have… Continue reading Day… What Day Is This?