My Line-in-the-Sand Moment: When Life Turned Upside-Down

There are a few events that, when I look back on my life, I see as sort of milestones, or chapter headings; turning points, after which life just wasn't the same. Almost two and a half years ago, I had a moment in my life which was more like the start of a whole new… Continue reading My Line-in-the-Sand Moment: When Life Turned Upside-Down

Manifesting Reality: Gratitude, Mindfulness & Taking Action

Manifesting is an interesting topic to me, as somebody who is in to the spiritual side of life, as well as having studied a lot of psychology. Despite the mainstream view that the only way to get anything is hard work, it seems popular in certain circles to believe you can just manifest stuff to… Continue reading Manifesting Reality: Gratitude, Mindfulness & Taking Action

Until blogging is my full-time job…

One day, hopefully in the not-too- distant future, I'll be making a living without relying on a day-job. Right now I'm lucky in that I have my student loan coming in, and with this being a resit year I'm only in one day a week. I have a zero-hour contract with a care company where… Continue reading Until blogging is my full-time job…

On The Move

I write to you from the service 25, in to the centre of Edinburgh. I have an odd shopping list today: surgical spirit, garden shears, wire cutters, kebab sticks, and a birthday card. Why am I telling you this? Hell, who knows; I'm bored. Plus I like the fact I can write an entire blog… Continue reading On The Move