My Line-in-the-Sand Moment: When Life Turned Upside-Down

There are a few events that, when I look back on my life, I see as sort of milestones, or chapter headings; turning points, after which life just wasn't the same. Almost two and a half years ago, I had a moment in my life which was more like the start of a whole new… Continue reading My Line-in-the-Sand Moment: When Life Turned Upside-Down

Day… What Day Is This?

So the day-by-day posts have fallen by the wayside, with me not having managed to post every single day (and I think I'd skipped a number somewhere anyway). It saved me pondering over titles for too long though. This is more just a quick update - filler content, so to speak - since I have… Continue reading Day… What Day Is This?

Day 4

I’ve been quite diligent with planning and researching. There are a few ideas for blog posts I have that will likely become ‘pillar posts’ of my site: the ones that hold it up, being the most informative and relevant to what it is my blog is all about. I am starting to think the whole… Continue reading Day 4