Blogging, Finding Direction & Following Your Path

I sat down earlier to write and - going in-part with the flow as I do, always with some idea of what I’m going to write but leaving room for inspiration - I was completely derailed. As I sat reflecting on my blog, and on how much it’s changed over the past year or so,… Continue reading Blogging, Finding Direction & Following Your Path

Living a Laptop Lifestyle: Too Good To Be True?

It's 2:39 and I really should be sleeping, but I just can't. My mind has been working overtime lately and I must admit that it's made getting a good nights sleep harder at times. I know this is just a time of particularly high energy and creative activity, and that things will settle, so I'm… Continue reading Living a Laptop Lifestyle: Too Good To Be True?

My Line-in-the-Sand Moment: When Life Turned Upside-Down

There are a few events that, when I look back on my life, I see as sort of milestones, or chapter headings; turning points, after which life just wasn't the same. Almost two and a half years ago, I had a moment in my life which was more like the start of a whole new… Continue reading My Line-in-the-Sand Moment: When Life Turned Upside-Down

Manifesting Reality: Gratitude, Mindfulness & Taking Action

Manifesting is an interesting topic to me, as somebody who is in to the spiritual side of life, as well as having studied a lot of psychology. Despite the mainstream view that the only way to get anything is hard work, it seems popular in certain circles to believe you can just manifest stuff to… Continue reading Manifesting Reality: Gratitude, Mindfulness & Taking Action

The Countdown…

Chances are that you're going to start seeing a lot of changes on the blog. It's not something I'm gonna go in to in too much detail right now, but there are interesting things on the horizon. I thought I was pretty serious about this whole lifestyle design thing, creating my future, living my dream,… Continue reading The Countdown…

Hello Facebook…

This isn't really a blog post, I'm just testing this out to make sure I've hooked up my blog and my Facebook properly. So if you're seeing this posted on my timeline, it's worked. I'm wanting to make my blog a little more accessible and potentially get some more followers, so I figured I would… Continue reading Hello Facebook…

What is my Blogging Voice?

I've been thinking these past few days about the volume and variety of the content I put out. I'm between two blogs right now, primarily; this blog is the one for general stuff, whereas I focus more on the personal development on Transpersonal Growth. I also have a Facebook page which I started as part… Continue reading What is my Blogging Voice?