Interlude: Holding Yourself Accountable and Predicting the Future

I was pretty close there to publishing a very half-baked blog post. I haven't written much in the last few days, and haven't published anything in even longer. I was feeling very much in the flow with my writing and posting, but as I've gone on I keep noticing more behind-the-scenes work I could be… Continue reading Interlude: Holding Yourself Accountable and Predicting the Future

Lifestyle-Design: do we even get a say?

Following up on my last post, the question that I ended on has been lingering in my mind. Perhaps I got the wording wrong... something just isn't sitting right. As much as I feel like I'm on track with this whole life-design thing, I'm constantly reminded that it's an ongoing process. You've got to keep… Continue reading Lifestyle-Design: do we even get a say?

Reframing: Finding Gold in Your ‘Failures’

Transpersonal Growth

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reevaluating in my life. This hasn’t necessarily just been looking at my circumstances, but looking at how I look at my circumstances. See, the picture we paint for ourselves every day as we go through life is the picture we then use to guide us further.

What if in life you got to draw out your own map? Imagine an adventurer who sets out to find a lost treasure, and treks for months through the jungle; hungry, sleep deprived, and having risked his life, he finds what he set out to find. It isn’t what the myths and legends led him to believe, and it won’t make him rich when he returns home, so does he return with his head low and the voice in his head calling him a failure?

Only if that’s how he perceives himself. Only is he has framed

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Seeing the worlds around us

I had a funny moment today at work, where I casually asked the service user I was working with where he'd had his cheesecake; I like to recap on the day, helping him remember what we've done, and we were going over the places we'd visited. His answer hit me as being very zen: "At… Continue reading Seeing the worlds around us

Catching A Train

I managed to slow my mind down somehow, and snapped out of autopilot; my mind slowed down anyway, I was still walking at a pace. "Slow mind, fast feet", I reminded myself. I'd taught myself, even when in a rush, to not let my mind get frantic. You can get where you're going without worrying… Continue reading Catching A Train

Limiting Beliefs and the Subconscious Mind

When we really look within, we are able to acknowledge realities that other times are so subtle they simply fly under your radar. You are unaware to the extent that they can operate facets of your life absolutely out with your awareness, and so blame external sources: other people, environments, or circumstances. Recently I have… Continue reading Limiting Beliefs and the Subconscious Mind

Thoughts On Biology, Psychology, and The Self – Who (or What) Are You?

I’ve been thinking a lot about biology lately. I’m a psychology student, so the leap isn’t too unfathomable; I’ve had to study some cellular biology, and issues about the brain are a big chunk of my field. It’s all about the human body, essentially. What’s going on inside and around it to make it the… Continue reading Thoughts On Biology, Psychology, and The Self – Who (or What) Are You?