Business Trip to Birmingham

I arrive at the bus station an hour and ten minutes early; urged out the door of the flat by that overly proactive tendency to move. I figured I would sit and write somewhere before my journey – a 9 hour coach trip to Birmingham – to get my thoughts straight. I passed my usual… Continue reading Business Trip to Birmingham

Tips for on-the-go content creation & being your genuine self online

I seem to be doing a lot of my writing on the bus lately. It's a handy half-hour or whatever it might be to get a little clarity. A time to just let my thoughts roll out. It's handy as well that while I'm sitting here writing what would usually just be journal material for… Continue reading Tips for on-the-go content creation & being your genuine self online

Lifestyle-Design: do we even get a say?

Following up on my last post, the question that I ended on has been lingering in my mind. Perhaps I got the wording wrong... something just isn't sitting right. As much as I feel like I'm on track with this whole life-design thing, I'm constantly reminded that it's an ongoing process. You've got to keep… Continue reading Lifestyle-Design: do we even get a say?

“One thing I can tell you, is you got to be free”

Another Sunday shift. I don't resent going to work, in fact I have it pretty easy with what I do. I'm sitting in the Hard-Rock Cafe right now listening to the Beatles. I resent that the vast majority of us work jobs we don't want, working below our skill level or in a field that… Continue reading “One thing I can tell you, is you got to be free”

Reframing: Finding Gold in Your ‘Failures’

Transpersonal Growth

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reevaluating in my life. This hasn’t necessarily just been looking at my circumstances, but looking at how I look at my circumstances. See, the picture we paint for ourselves every day as we go through life is the picture we then use to guide us further.

What if in life you got to draw out your own map? Imagine an adventurer who sets out to find a lost treasure, and treks for months through the jungle; hungry, sleep deprived, and having risked his life, he finds what he set out to find. It isn’t what the myths and legends led him to believe, and it won’t make him rich when he returns home, so does he return with his head low and the voice in his head calling him a failure?

Only if that’s how he perceives himself. Only is he has framed

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The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre

On the bus again to Portobello; this time it's for a workshop on shamanic knowledge run by the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre. I recently came across them while looking up shamanic practitioners in my area - of which, there aren't many - and found out they run a little shop in portobello, where they also hold… Continue reading The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre

Mid-day Update

Today has been an interesting day for me. I had a healing session over Skype (you can read about it here) and it was pretty intense. Otherwise, I've mainly taken it easy and been easy on myself. Some good grub, good music, and I even got around to sawing up one of the christmas trees… Continue reading Mid-day Update