What Does Being in the Moment Even Mean?

There’s a lot of buzz around being ‘in the moment’ now. From the translations of ancient Eastern scriptures, to the tagline of present-day guru yoga-mums and self-proclaimed enlightened Instagrammers. But what does it even mean to be in the moment? What is the moment? If it’s right now, then how can we not be in… Continue reading What Does Being in the Moment Even Mean?

This Is Why Your Life Isn’t Moving Forward

 ...for a while, it will feel like you’re working harder than ever, and yet standing right in the same place. This is a quote from a post I read over on Discovering Your Happiness (This Is Why Your Life Isn't Moving Forward) and it really struck a chord with me. Very much worth a read.… Continue reading This Is Why Your Life Isn’t Moving Forward

Business Trip to Birmingham

I arrive at the bus station an hour and ten minutes early; urged out the door of the flat by that overly proactive tendency to move. I figured I would sit and write somewhere before my journey – a 9 hour coach trip to Birmingham – to get my thoughts straight. I passed my usual… Continue reading Business Trip to Birmingham

The Changing Face of the Internet: Where is Technology Taking Us?

In a Starbucks on Leith Walk, not a single person is sitting without their laptop out. Well, almost; there is one woman with a book, the savage. I know a lot of people who would cry out at this scene. “Where has our sense of connection gone?” “Why does nobody communicate anymore?” The answer to… Continue reading The Changing Face of the Internet: Where is Technology Taking Us?

Blogging, Finding Direction & Following Your Path

I sat down earlier to write and - going in-part with the flow as I do, always with some idea of what I’m going to write but leaving room for inspiration - I was completely derailed. As I sat reflecting on my blog, and on how much it’s changed over the past year or so,… Continue reading Blogging, Finding Direction & Following Your Path

Interlude: Holding Yourself Accountable and Predicting the Future

I was pretty close there to publishing a very half-baked blog post. I haven't written much in the last few days, and haven't published anything in even longer. I was feeling very much in the flow with my writing and posting, but as I've gone on I keep noticing more behind-the-scenes work I could be… Continue reading Interlude: Holding Yourself Accountable and Predicting the Future

Authenticity, Online and Off: More Than Just Being Yourself?

When it comes to representing ourselves, our brand, or products online, there's a lot of talk of authenticity. What exactly people mean by this, and how we can each act with authenticity, varies from person to person though.