Living a Laptop Lifestyle: Too Good To Be True?

It’s 2:39 and I really should be sleeping, but I just can’t. My mind has been working overtime lately and I must admit that it’s made getting a good nights sleep harder at times. I know this is just a time of particularly high energy and creative activity, and that things will settle, so I’m […]

Making Art, Telling Stories

I remember as a kid I would make all sorts of things. In fact, a lot of my childhood memories are of me making things. I would collect cardboard boxes, toilet roll tubes, newspapers – you name it – and I had grand visions for it all. One that really stands out was a papier-mâché […]

It seemed pointless to think of a title…

It hit 1 am and still, there I was, just sitting there. Staring at my laptop, flittering through my newsfeed on Facebook, idly switching tabs, Googling this and that and the next thing. I had stayed up because I had been feeling like I wasn’t doing anything with myself, or with my time. What progress […]

Day 4

I’ve been quite diligent with planning and researching. There are a few ideas for blog posts I have that will likely become ‘pillar posts’ of my site: the ones that hold it up, being the most informative and relevant to what it is my blog is all about. I am starting to think the whole […]

What Makes an Artist?

So what’s the difference between doing art and being an artist? I’d love that to be sophisticated rhetoric that will lead in to some clever discourse on the finer points of defining oneself within the often surreal world of the arts, culminating in my well-rounded stance on the matter – but no, I’m genuinely asking. I don’t have any […]