Podcast Pilot Episode: Exploring Platforms and Finding My Voice

Now that I’m really on track with venturing in to the world of working online, I’ve been considering what platforms I want to use. There are pros and cons to all for sure, and some lend themselves better than others to particular ways of working. Writing has been my medium of choice for a long […]

Interlude: Holding Yourself Accountable and Predicting the Future

I was pretty close there to publishing a very half-baked blog post. I haven’t written much in the last few days, and haven’t published anything in even longer. I was feeling very much in the flow with my writing and posting, but as I’ve gone on I keep noticing more behind-the-scenes work I could be […]

Tips for on-the-go content creation & being your genuine self online

I seem to be doing a lot of my writing on the bus lately. It’s a handy half-hour or whatever it might be to get a little clarity. A time to just let my thoughts roll out. It’s handy as well that while I’m sitting here writing what would usually just be journal material for […]