Now that I’m really on track with venturing in to the world of working online, I’ve been considering what platforms I want to use. There are pros and cons to all for sure, and some lend themselves better than others to particular ways of working.

Writing has been my medium of choice for a long time, well predating my online days. I’ve been a keen writer since childhood, and my obsessive journaling habit was what led in to me blogging in the first place.

Yet, in recent months I’ve been exploring. Since being more active on Facebook with Reality Hack, and utilizing it as a platform for more than just personal use, I’ve gotten in to video. Using the Facebook Go-Live feature has opened me up to a new way of engaging with people and getting my voice out to an entirely new audience. Not only is it a different platform, but it’s a different medium, and so opens me up to people who might not be interested in reading a blog but will happily watch a video.

Podcasting has been an offshoot from this path. I enjoy the video work, and plan to run a vlog experiment in the near-future, plus it’s given me some crucial pointers in terms of my own development. I’m keen to experiment with podcasting for a few reasons.

Firstly, I listen to podcasts myself: they’re practical, informative, and engaging. I can listen to a show while doing the dishes, or sitting on the bus, which I love. It’s very direct, and I’m not using up attention watching anything or having to scroll or click; you just hit play, and enjoy.

Plus, I enjoy meaningful conversation. I’m quite a reserved person and as much as I love deep and interesting conversation, I find that opportunities for such don’t present themselves all that often in my life. Having a podcast would give me an outlet to create those moments, allowing me to connect with some incredible people along the way.

All of this work (the Facebook Go-Live, podcasting, and my writing) has really brought me to consider just what my message is – what my voice is – and how I want to share that with people. This has all become so much more than just a hobby, and even more than a ‘career path’ – it’s becoming a whole style of life for me. Experimenting with these new ways of working has forced me out of my comfort zone, and given me a lot to consider.

I was contemplating the idea of starting the podcast for long enough, and recently I sat down and took the first step. I’ve recorded my first episode. It’s a simple intro to myself, what I do, and why I do it: it’s a pilot episode, of sorts. So, the ball is rolling. I have some guests lined up to come on and chat with me; I’ll be arranging and recording these conversations in the coming weeks and months.

I plan to chat with anyone within my Venn-diagram of interests for the time being: creativity, psychology, entrepreneurship, working online, spirituality, philosophy, life-design. It will be fairly eclectic, at least until I hone in on a particular avenue (if I decide to). As with the blog, I feel that letting it develop somewhat naturally will bring about the best results.

For now, it’s another way for me to explore ideas and connect with people, while sharing it will all of you. If you want to check out my pilot episode you can find it here, and keep up to date with future episodes (as well as what I’m doing in general) by following me on Facebook.

Published by Jason Philip

Hey there, I'm Jason. I'm a blogger, artist, creative coach and internet marketer living in Edinburgh. I currently write for Transpersonal Growth as well as my personal blog, and manage Reality Hack on Facebook.

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