Manifesting is an interesting topic to me, as somebody who is in to the spiritual side of life, as well as having studied a lot of psychology. Despite the mainstream view that the only way to get anything is hard work, it seems popular in certain circles to believe you can just manifest stuff to your doorstep, setting in motion quantum effects on the universe that require no physical act on your part.

When you look at it – the process, the psychology – if somebody wants something, and sets the intention to manifest their desires, they then take steps to bringing that thing in to their life.

It’s a two stage process (sort of).

The whole idea of setting your intentions on goals, things outside of yourself, is putting space between you and that thing. Assuming it will then come to you without you going to it removes yourself from the equation. When you realise that these internal states create desire, excitement… forces which lead you towards what it is you want, and you follow that, things change. You have to be aligning your actions, your receptiveness to having this thing – not the state of wanting it.

If you want it, you’ll just keep wanting it.

If you think damn, I’d love a Dominoes tonight, you don’t just intend that one will arrive at the door – instead you go to Dominoes (or rather, you ring them up and make them come to you).

Putting your power in something else to explain the way the universe works, be it the ripples of your thoughts through the universe, or the quantum level of reality bending to your whim, does just one thing – takes away your power. It removes you from the equation, which in reality can’t happen. You are part of the whole picture, and on this physical level, you interact through your behaviour with the world around you.

I’m not saying our internal states have nothing to do with it, and that we just work in completely mechanical ways, but that our actions completely intermingle with our thoughts. If we want to make some change in our lives, we must change our minds. We must be in that place in our head where we have the things we want, allowing us to align our behaviour with welcoming it in to our lives.

One of the greatest tips I’ve had for bringing the things you want in your life in to your life is gratitude. Practice gratitude. We would of course be grateful for whatever it is we want in our lives, or for it to take us where we want to be. Actively acknowledging the things you are grateful for in your life puts you in a state where you’re receptive to reality on that level. We welcome things in.

Another great tool is visualisation. Seeing the things, the life that you want, clearly in your mind also puts you in that state of having them. It begins to rewire your brain to see what it would be like achieve your goal, and opens up your attitude to this thing being a reality, so you can start taking action to achieve it.

Say it begins with the potential to achieve some goal, or the potential you perceive. How much potential you perceive is going to depend on your beliefs about the situation, because in reality whatever it is has 100% potential (unless you want to be able to fly or something) since this thing you want could somehow become true – let your imagination run wild.

How much potential you see will influence what sort of action you take on any goal, and the results will feedback to your beliefs about how possible this is – the potential.

So once you get yourself in that state of seeing the potential of this thing being reality, where you’re open to receiving it, you can’t help but act in a way that’s going to bring you to that goal – or it to you, depending how you want to look at it.

Taking solid, actionable steps to put your life on the track you want can be broken down in to simple daily tasks. Simple meditation and visualisation, and organized action, combine to create the reality you desire. You see yourself there, and you’re taking the steps to get there.

I already said I’d recommend practicing gratitude – this could be part of your journaling, or you could use a stack of post-it-notes and each day jot down something you’re grateful for. Even if you don’t feel grateful for something, wishing you could be more grateful for this thing puts you on the same wavelength. Be creative with it, and incorporate it somehow in to your day. Even just listing things in your head is good. Matt Kahn talks a lot about actionable steps for being more grateful in your daily life, as well as a lot of other topics you might find useful.

You could use visualisation as a part of your meditation, too. Having some sort of meditation practice can be very good for you in general. Mindful meditation can help bring you in to your current moment, and this is the place to be recognising your part in all of it. This is the place where you can be present, and take conscious action to living your life. It helps to provide you the clarity you need to really delve in to your beliefs about the world, and how you engage in your life.

There’s a lot of talk of being in the moment, and for me this means recognising that the past and future are just stories. They are the greater narrative of where we are now in our lives, and it puts us in a context we can comprehend. The thing is though, we have creative control over much of our story.

The things that you make up as your past are just some stream of events you’ve linked together to form this idea of you as the main character. Often these can be limiting aspects, negatively impacting your self-belief. If your vision of your future is based entirely on these ideas of your past, then you’ll just perpetuate the beliefs and situations you find yourself in today.

Yet if you look at how you project your future, what vision you have of reality, you can start to own every moment of your life and play your part in how things roll out.

Tony Robins has some great stuff on manifestation, and if you’re up for something a little deeper check out Alan Watts (he has a load of lectures online but I’d recommend this one – he has a load of talks about living your desire, as well as overcoming fears and anxiety).

Go out there, and do some reading/listening for yourself; don’t take my word for it. I can’t tell you what’s going to work for you, you have to do the legwork. I know that I’ve changed huge aspects of my life by really tuning in, and I know that you can too – the question is, will you?

Getting a solid vision of what you want out of life, and to give life, is a good start. Be clear in why you want the things you do, and maybe really ask yourself: just why is this the lifestyle I want? What exactly are my motivations here? Now how can I do this?

The better an idea you have of where you are acting from, the more aligned your vision and action will be – and this is the start of all inner-work for me. Who are you, and where are you going?

You decide.

Published by Jason Philip

Hey there, I'm Jason. I'm a blogger, artist, creative coach and internet marketer living in Edinburgh. I currently write for Transpersonal Growth as well as my personal blog, and manage Reality Hack on Facebook.

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