Tips for on-the-go content creation & being your genuine self online

I seem to be doing a lot of my writing on the bus lately. It’s a handy half-hour or whatever it might be to get a little clarity. A time to just let my thoughts roll out.

It’s handy as well that while I’m sitting here writing what would usually just be journal material for me, I’m able to talk to you. I’m able to put myself out there, to connect with whoever might stumble across my posts, for the few minutes it might take to read it.

A handy thing for a blogger, indeed. All our portable gadgets mean that creating content on the go is ridiculously easy. I like to write as a wander, or on the bus, or while I’m just taking some time to watch the grass grow.

It might be a full-blown blog post, a clever idea for a future piece of writing, or even just a passing observation that I want to come back to. Either way, it lets me accumulate this material which pushes forward the whole creative process.

Photography is another way I like to take notes. Capturing something in a certain way might be what prompts me to write about a certain topic, or brings to mind a certain concept. It then comes in handy for a feature image on the post.

Dedicating time to sit and write is a smart move, and a worthwhile habit to get in to (there’s no way I could create all the content I need to between bus stops). All the fieldwork you do while out-and-about will do so much to add to your writing though – or whatever type of content you’re in to.

Journalling is something I’d recommend even if you’re not a blogger – or a writer. Take notes on life, on your thoughts, on your emotions; write about the day you want to have, or the life you want to live; express yourself freely and creatively. It’s a great addition to any inner-work or development that you’re going through. If you are using it to help develop your content, you can bet you’ll end up with much richer material and far more insights.

Right now I’m heading to an event at the Planetary Healing Center in Portobello: an exploration of the Celtic medicine wheel. Learning about the way other cultures gain insight and draw inspiration from the world around them – the seasons, the weather, plants and animals – is fascinating, and a powerful mechanism for growth and healing. Drawn ever more to shamanic practices, the universality of how we are able to connect with and learn from our environments in these ways really aligns with my own feelings on life. Further, it doesn’t matter what angle you’re coming from, or what your particular walk of life is, it’s a level playing field.

Learning that I can have a passion for the more spiritual things in life, and also be a keen internet marketer, and that it’s okay for me to have this crossover, took a surprisingly long time for me. This dichotomy suits to make the point, but any of the seemingly incompatible aspects of my identity might have urged me to be reign in my sense of who I am. Instead, I’m learning to accept myself, and find what I can give to the world, in whatever way I give it.

Learning to get in touch with the most authentic version of yourself, and then letting that shine in whatever way – whether that’s online or off – is something very much worth pursuing. It’s a large part of what I want to help other people achieve, and of course something I’m pursuing in my own life at all times.

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