The Countdown…

Chances are that you’re going to start seeing a lot of changes on the blog. It’s not something I’m gonna go in to in too much detail right now, but there are interesting things on the horizon. I thought I was pretty serious about this whole lifestyle design thing, creating my future, living my dream, and all that; turns out I am. Turns out I’m making just the right moves, and over these past few years I’ve been putting everything in its place, learning the skills, and making the connections to let big things start to happen.

The thing was though, I couldn’t see it. I was so busy joining the dots, that I wasn’t seeing the picture as it began to unfold. I wasn’t looking big enough. In fact, it wasn’t until I was talking to a friend about the plans I have, and what’s going on for me right now, that I got that shit, you’re nailing it reaction.

Then I felt it in myself. I acknowledged – truly acknowledged – that I was indeed changing pace. I see now not how close this is to becoming a reality, but that it is reality.

There is no space between you and the things you will become

This might sound like just word play, and to a point you could argue it is. Yet deeper still, there’s something in the way we construct what we tell ourselves – how we perceive our reality – that can just flip a switch and boom, there it is. It hits us like a lighting strike and we’re suddenly back here, now, living it all rather than daydreaming. I’m still coming to grips with it all, still centering myself , but I’ve seen a vision of what my life could realistically be like if I just apply myself.

I’ll be producing a lot more content that’s quite specifically geared towards people who are going the same way as me. People who want to transform their life. People who want to get more out of life than a monthly wage, a yearly holiday, and having to live by the rules they know no better than to follow.

Creators. Dreamers. Call it what you want, you know if that’s you: maybe you just don’t feel like that’s you right now – in which case my question is, what’s stopping you? This is going to mean a lot of inner-work and personal development. This is going to mean uncovering what it is that you want to do in life, how you want to add value. It’s going to mean learning, be that how to start a website, a business or social enterprise; maybe how to become a freelancer, work from home, or travel full time – however you want to live out your vision, you’ll probably need a new skill-set.

Which means a new mindset. It all starts in the head. Our imagination is the most powerful creative tool – period. You can use it to keep you where you are, running in circles, or you can envision a journey that will take you further than you even knew was possible. Like I said, I’ll be able to go deeper in to it later and give you more details, but just be sure to watch this space.


Published by Jason Philip

Hey there, I'm Jason. I'm a blogger, artist, creative coach and internet marketer living in Edinburgh. I currently write for Transpersonal Growth as well as my personal blog, and manage Reality Hack on Facebook.

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