“One thing I can tell you, is you got to be free”

Another Sunday shift. I don’t resent going to work, in fact I have it pretty easy with what I do. I’m sitting in the Hard-Rock Cafe right now listening to the Beatles. I resent that the vast majority of us work jobs we don’t want, working below our skill level or in a field that just bores us to death.

“Welcome to the real world, kid; that’s just life”

Sadly for many of us, that’s the case, yet it needn’t be such a given… such an inevitability. The thing is as well, it isn’t inevitable. It’s possible to break that mould, and do something completely new at any turn.

People just aren’t questioning the status-quo. Our culture drums all these mottos in to us. Another day, another dollar. Eventually we mistake them for our thinking, and we just roll with it. We think if we want to follow our passions that we’ll have to starve.

Like I said though, there are alternatives and you can make a living doing just about whatever you want. Whatever makes you happy. However you provide value. Breaking free from our scripted ways of thinking is one thing, then finding what you want to do is another… finding the means to get going in this new life can be hard. Not impossible.

That’s where so many people get stuck. They maybe do see past the bullshit lifestyle we’re pegged in to by default. They maybe even have some sort of vision for what they’d like to be doing with their time. Yet still something holds them back.

“Oh I’ll never be able to pull it off”

“It’s too risky”

Hell, risky is working at Primark ’til you die. If you get serious about what you want to do and find that unshakeable vision, nothing will stop you. Sure, it’ll be hard sometimes. Yes, you’ll have setbacks. Life isn’t about it all being flawlessly easy.

The question is: what do you want life to be about for you?

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