The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre

On the bus again to Portobello; this time it’s for a workshop on shamanic knowledge run by the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre. I recently came across them while looking up shamanic practitioners in my area – of which, there aren’t many – and found out they run a little shop in portobello, where they also hold events and workshops.

I decided to reach out to them, thinking this would be a valuable contact to have; these are no doubt people I can learn a lot from. The founders, Mark and Claudia, offer yearly shamanic training courses which I would love to attend, but for now they’re a little out of my budget. Instead, I decided I would offer my services to them in return for whatever they might be willing to offer me.

As it happens, they’re looking to set up an online shop to accompany the brick-and-mortar store I’m heading to now. This means high-quality photography, and some knowledge of e-commerce (enter me – he says in parenthesis). It’s a fantastic opportunity for me, being able to help out in a way that gives me more experience while lending a hand to a community that I truly vibe with. I’ll meet Mark tonight, and I’m hoping Claudia might have mentioned my proposal to him (it was her I spoke to online).

I’ve found, time and again, that lending assistance to others and adding value in your own unique way is a powerful way to form bonds. Who would have thought that a shamanic centre were looking for someone with internet marketing skills? I sure wouldn’t have, had I not asked. But when you put yourself out there, things happen.

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