Mid-day Update

Today has been an interesting day for me. I had a healing session over Skype (you can read about it here) and it was pretty intense. Otherwise, I’ve mainly taken it easy and been easy on myself. Some good grub, good music, and I even got around to sawing up one of the christmas trees that have been lying about the street (I have plans for them…).

It’s cold, and the first snow we’ve had this winter has finally fallen, but it’s a crisp and still bright afternoon, far from unpleasant. I ponder going out, perhaps just a walk, or to window shop down the Walk. It’s great living in the city and knowing I need only step out my door to be in the heart of something or other.

I’ve been posting regularly, writing like mad these past few days… being in this flow is great, and honestly it’s what I was used to. I’ve felt stagnant and held back for a while but that’s all changing. The more I write, the more my ideas and direction develop. Creation simply beckons more of itself.

I’m quite enjoying even these smaller updates, little reminders to myself and you all that I’m still plodding along watching the world go by. I feel, for a while, that I stopped writing for myself, but now I’m feeling the benefits of it once again. I can only hope the feeling is mutual.

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