What is my Blogging Voice?

I’ve been thinking these past few days about the volume and variety of the content I put out. I’m between two blogs right now, primarily; this blog is the one for general stuff, whereas I focus more on the personal development on Transpersonal Growth.

I also have a Facebook page which I started as part of an internet marketing campaign I was dabbling in, called Reality Hack, which deals with similar content to TPG. Perhaps it’s more to the point, though. There isn’t as much depth to the content there, and there’s a different voice I use there.

This all got me thinking: am I spreading myself too thin? Am I trying to be in too many places, and be too many people, all at once? Also, it got me wondering what my ‘authentic’ voice was. Now, I don’t much believe in the idea of an authentic self, in the sense that there is – deep down – some genuine, inner voice that is you. We do however havr the capacity to act with authenticity, which is a little different, but I think you get what I mean.

We choose our voice. Perhaps now always actively, but over time we decide how we will put ourselves across to others. You might not even realise you’re making a decision to be this way or that; you might be quite instinctively responding to the world and just being, which is in itself depends on decisions you’ve made about who you are.

So the question maybe isn’t so much who am I, rather who do I decide to be to you? That depends on the purpose of the blog, perhaps, which is still up for grabs. Perhaps, on this blog at least, I’ll assume no role. I’ll just be whoever I’m called to be in each moment, which really is all we can do. I feel compelled to hunker down – to just be the one way, have one style, one voice, thinking it will make things easier. Well, we’ll see where things go I suppose, won’t we?

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