Until blogging is my full-time job…

One day, hopefully in the not-too- distant future, I’ll be making a living without relying on a day-job. Right now I’m lucky in that I have my student loan coming in, and with this being a resit year I’m only in one day a week. I have a zero-hour contract with a care company where it’s easy enough for me to pick and choose my hours, so I have a fair bit of freedom right now.

I’ve known for a while now that I don’t want to be bogged down in the rat-race of day-to-day wage slavery. For a long time I felt like that was my only option, though; school never taught me otherwise and nobody in my curent family has ever gone beyond the nine-to-five. Blogging has opened my eyes to a new horizon, puling me, expanding in new directions with every step I take. It promises to be one hell of a journey, and I’m glad to be taking the steps I am.

I’m on the bus now, heading to work. I say work, but the care I provide is community-based so often I’m just going for lunch with people or to the gym. It’s pretty laid back work for the most part, but I get to help people out which means a lot to me.

Whatever I do, I want to be helping people. My other blog (Transpersonal Growth) is all about helping people realise their potential and bring about the change in themselves to live fulfilling lives. The art workshops I run are along the same lines, in that I use art as a healing and therapeutic tool to empower people’s own vision.

These are the things I want to be spending my time on; these are how I give value to the world. I want to show people that life isn’t all out of their hands, if only they’d stop grasping so hard. Getting my degree will help in this, since it will give me some academic credibility. Also, I’m tying my passion for art in to my dissertation, studying the subjective experience of creativity and the healing benefits it has.

My blogging will hopefully build me some credibility, too, but more importantly it will help me build rapport with you and establish a bond. You’re with me right now while I lay the foundations of whatever is to come, and it’s an exciting time my friend. We live in a day and age where it’s possible to connect with the people who share our passions, desires and beliefs, regardless of where they are in the world. So wherever and whoever you are, thanks for being here.

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