On The Move

I write to you from the service 25, in to the centre of Edinburgh. I have an odd shopping list today: surgical spirit, garden shears, wire cutters, kebab sticks, and a birthday card. Why am I telling you this? Hell, who knows; I’m bored.

Plus I like the fact I can write an entire blog post, get a decent photo for the header, and publish it, all from my phone. It’s common place nowadays, but when you think about it, it’s marvellous. I can reach all you people from wherever I am, whenever, assuming I have an internet connection.

My generation was the last, in my part of the world, to grow up without the internet, only to have it thrust in to our lives in early adolescence. There began a whole new era of social development. As for the ones younger than us, this will be all they know. To step away from it, for them, and acknowledge the world unfiltered will one day be a big step. Hell, that would be a big step for any of us.

I did change my theme; as it turned out, not to accomodate square feature images as planned. I have to comprimise between various features when picking a new theme, and that one drew the short straw against accomodating my feature image.

Typing on this phone (it’s a Galaxy S6) doesn’t feel as intuitive as an iPhone, but perhaps I’m still just not used to it. It doesn’t have the same auto-correct features, which I actually like; I’m forced to actually pay attention to my spelling (so do pardon me for any typos).

Draft saved.

It feels nice to know you can just stop whenever you need to. My fingers stop and I slip my phone back in to my pocket, but the dialogue runs on in my mind. Sentences roll, endless, streaming from this consciousness I filter in to thoughts. I’ve done most of my shopping, at least everything I needed from this part of town; now back to Leith. I run to catch the next 25, knowing how little it matterd which bus I get let alone when I get it, but the fictitious chase is something to get my heart racing in a day otherwise stalling. Perhaps not stalling, but not quite moving either.

All I need now is a photograph. The theme allows for wide but short feature images, and my eye looks out for a feature around me that might lend itself to this aesthetic. A view down the walk? Perhaps.

I like having you here while I’m out. It gives a channel to thoughts which might otherwise stagnate and trap me. One more stop, for the tools and kebab skewers, then home. I’m writing more frequently for my various blogs, and the near future holds a whole new barrage of writing opportunities (even some paid ones).

So, until then.

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