Yet I do it just the same

Today I spent a good while reflecting on my blogging – why I’m doing it, how I’m presenting it, and that sort of thing. See, I actually have three blogs (well, three main ones). This is where I put out bits and pieces of everything, with no real framework or whatever. This is just my blog, full-stop.

Then there’s Transpersonal Growth, where I write about all the personal development and spirituality type stuff. I probably put the most effort in to that one, and I always make sure posts are well refined, each blog post has a cover image and so on (unlike this place, which is often messy). I feel that one is going to be a big part of my life, for a long time to come.

The Art Sphere has its own blog, where I write about the events that me and Vivienne are putting on, documenting our journey deeper in to the art world. I use this blog to review exhibitions and events, too.Things are really coming together with the Art Sphere, and we’ll be doing our own workshops soon too.

So, between these, I have an outlet for whatever I could really want to write about – with the latter two having the most direction and purpose. I like this blog though, cause I can be playful and experimental, so it perhaps serves as much purpose if not more. I gained a lot of insight today on how my blogging functions, through walking along the beach talking to myself in a sort of meditative trance; it was quite revealing.

It’s not an easy game, this whole blogging thing. I seem to have found a format that works for me, for now, though. I don’t know if I’d recommend having three blogs to keep up (and that’s not to mention Scotland from the Roadside, and a few others, but I doubt they’ll be kept up much longer).

I plan to start writing more; like, a lot more. Hopefully more regular content will do me good, and get me a bit more of a following, as well as bringing me further in to discovering what the hell it is that I’m on this planet to do. We shall see.

p.s. I’ve uploaded a square feature image, so we’ll see how that looks. It seems like I’ll be playing around with themes again (sweet Jesus…) so here’s to another sleepless night.

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