Where has the time gone? Blog Update + links to my latest project

Looking back over my blog, I’m suddenly aware I haven’t posted anything here in 10 days… I have been busy though! Exams have been and gone, which took up most of my attention; I’ve also started on a new project (yes… another one).

I began to notice that the blog posts that were being received the best on here were the ones that were focusing on one of my interests in particular – spirituality. Ideas of the self, beliefs, and our view of the world. Now, I’d mentioned that this blog would take shape depending on what garnered the most interest, but, I had visions well before this blog took off of a site dedicated just to spiritual growth (it was actually the very first thing I wanted to blog about).

So, I’ve decided to start TranspersonalGrowth.com which I’m going to be working on alongside this blog. I’m keeping this blog as a more general scratchpad of ideas and developments, and will focus more on the mechanics of blogging and online work, entrepreneurship (one day I will spell that word correctly first try), creativity, and whatever else floats my boat at the time.

I want to share an article from Transpersonal Growth (or TPG, for short) that I wrote about the tools I use for meditation. It’s easy to lose track and get distracted while meditating, and for some people it just seems downright boring, but these tools – drumming, using a singing bowl, and mala beads – add a whole new dimension to the practice (you can find it by clicking here if it’s something that sounds like it might interest you). There is also a Facebook group for TPG, where people can share stories of their own personal journey of growth and development, seek guidance, support and challenge each other – which you can find here if you want to join.

I’ve been quite focused lately on my own personal development, or transpersonal growth as I like to put it (it encompasses more than your typical ‘get ripped at the gym’ and ‘crush those income goals’ type stuff that is typical of your standard personal development script). I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting the last few days, and have lined up some dietary changes I’m going to be rolling out in the new year. I’ve already cut out cow’s milk in favor of oat milk, and I’ve felt great (it’s also fantastic in coffee).

I’ve also been continuing the inner-work of digging in to my beliefs and questioning the way I approach life, reshaping my responses to the world to bring about more positive outcomes for me and the people around me. I’ll be coming up with a game plan to help me keep track of what I’m publishing, and where, so you should be hearing more from me in the coming days. Either way, there’s always work going on in the background.

I hope the festive stress isn’t getting to you too much. This time of year can be a little crazy, but the darker winter months are a good time for going inside and spending some time with yourself and the others that matter in your life. Reflect and embrace what life has brought your way this past year, and think how you might channel this in to making next year bring you that bit closer to the life that you want, and taking more action to achieve that.

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