In my quest to become an actual blogger I’ve stuck my nose in my fair share of online money-making schemes – mostly to no avail. Adverts telling you how you can make an extra X-amount of income a month with their ‘3 easy steps’ and all that sort of thing are ten-a-penny. I lately stumbled across a site though – Social Sale Rep – which has proven to stand out so far among many would-be contenders.

Initially I was skeptical – of course – as you ought to be. The online reviews I could find were not great; not that they reviewed the product as being poor, in fact they loved it, I mean the reviews themselves were not great. The majority were poorly written, very ambiguous, and a few were near identical: which tells me this is just someone hoping for a quick buck through affiliate linking to Social Sale Rep. Now not to seem ironic, but that’s exactly what I’m doing; because you see, I took the risk and paid for access to their system, and I like it! In fact, I’m liking it a lot so far: but I don’t want to just yell “Hey go buy this thing!!!” I want to let you know that it genuinely might be worth your time if you’re serious about making money online, but haven’t done so yet.

I plan to have my own products and services to offer one day through my blog, as you likely do too. The thing is though, many of us start off – and there’s no harm in it, in fact I’d recommend this – blogging before we have that product or service quite finalized (maybe you don’t even know what your product is, and that’s okay too!) What Social Sale Rep offer is a method for finding products that you personally approve of and would (or in my case do) use yourself, and help you to market these via social media for a profit on their affiliate scheme.

Not only does Social Sale Rep walk you through the whole – pretty straightforward – process, but they provide you with additional material to help you make the sales. You’re provided with free PDF’s and that sort of thing to give away for free, which – if you know your digital marketing – is ultimately going to mean more sales for you. They give you access to a relatively wide range of products, a few of which I love already, and the whole thing is so close to being practically automated – they’ve taken a lot of the hard work off your hands.

Now, I’ve already told you I’m an affiliate for Social Sale Rep, so you’re probably waiting on the sales pitch – but honestly, that was it. It’s proving to be a great service so far, and I’d highly recommend it. As for the price, there’s a one-off payment: with tax, it comes to just under £24. I was genuinely shocked at the price after their sales pitch (which, now knowing the product, is very sincere it seems). Normally for this type of thing I’d have expected to see a price tag in the hundreds, so I was pleasantly surprised.

If you’re interested, I highly recommend you click here and take the first step to actually making some money online. The affiliate schemes are, from what I’ve seen, well paying – with plenty offering over 50% which is damn good when you think that the likes of Amazon offers 5-10%. At that rate, you have to sell one, maybe two products to make back the price of their service. Even if you don’t, they have a full money-back guarantee which covers you for 60 days. Honestly, you’d be hard pressed to lose out. If you hit any roadblocks with them, they’re on hand for support – or you can fire me a message to discuss things if you like, I’m always happy to help my fellow blogging newbies.

I wish you all the best if you do sign up with Social Sale Rep, and I’ve been transparent about my affiliate with them (which you can access through the link above) so thank you big time if you choose to sign up through my link – Good Luck! 

Published by Jason Philip

Hey there, I'm Jason. I'm a blogger, artist, creative coach and internet marketer living in Edinburgh. I currently write for Transpersonal Growth as well as my personal blog, and manage Reality Hack on Facebook.

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