Day… What Day Is This?

So the day-by-day posts have fallen by the wayside, with me not having managed to post every single day (and I think I’d skipped a number somewhere anyway). It saved me pondering over titles for too long though. This is more just a quick update – filler content, so to speak – since I have a bit of time before I start work to get some writing in. This way I can at least be touching base with you all, and setting some intentions for things I plan to write about in the coming days.

I had another session with my life-coaching client the other day, which was a real success. We got in to conversations about emotion, and reacting with your emotions; we explored ideas of non-duality, and how one defines the self, along with concepts from Daoism and modern psychology; finally touching on the underpinning philosophy of going to buy milk (more on that another time). It was funny, after leaving his house I had to wait on a replacement bus service for the train I should have been getting, and when the guy picked me up he had no idea where we were going (he normally works the Glasgow side). I had to get Google Maps up on my phone, which can be temperamental at the best of times and my mobile data is less than reliable, but I knew -as he put it – “we’ll get there somehow”.

It was funny after having just been discussing the way that we co-create our reality, and play an active role in that, the way this whole bus situation turned in to the perfect analogy for that. The bus driver had the means of moving us from A to B, and a rough knowledge of where to go (the blueprint more-or-less), but I had the actual ins and outs, the details, and knew where I needed to be. I’ll delve in to this more later (and the milk thing, I promise). It’s been a good couple of days, yesterday being one I spent contemplating more about myself than others. I’d been In Town taking down a piece of installation artwork I’d helped install a few months back and again the universe started talking to me, showing me little things throughout the day.

I’ve been planning a better morning routine for myself (Which kind of went to plan today, I mean I’m here right?) as well as a workout routine, and I think I’ll put something similar in place for my writing and general blogging business. Well, I best get on it with the day – and I hope you enjoy yours!



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