Day 4

I’ve been quite diligent with planning and researching. There are a few ideas for blog posts I have that will likely become ‘pillar posts’ of my site: the ones that hold it up, being the most informative and relevant to what it is my blog is all about. I am starting to think the whole notion of finding purpose and direction – what I set this blog up to achieve for myself – is going to be a large part of what I can give to others. As well, the things I’ve done, and that anyone can do, to get that little bit of grounding needed to begin taking action on the things we love and want to do. It’ll likely be geared towards people who are creatives (bloggers, writers, painters and so on) although my notion of ‘creatives’ and creativity itself is quite broad, which is something I’ll talk about later.

So, helping people find creative solutions to living the life they want? Something like that, perhaps. I’m still just throwing ideas around; only now I’m throwing them in a certain direction (before I was very all over the place). I started reading a book yesterday called Renaissance Souls, which is all about how to follow your passions when you have multiple passions, or like to move on from one challenge to the next, instead of following a steady trajectory. Being creative is key to that – and I don’t mean being able to paint. I mean thinking outside the box, exploring new ideas, listenign to yourself, and not being afraid to test your limits.

I also want to focus – at least in part – on blogging itself. Things like ‘How to start a blog’, but in more depth than the objective steps involves – find a niche, register your domain, write compelling content, blah, blah – because there’s way more to it than that. The subjective experience of blogging, or living out any creative pursuit, is vital and can be difficult to navigate. I’ve been through – and I’m going through – a lot of these types of challenges, so it would be nice to be able to help people (and get help myself) as we continue on these paths. I went through quite an ordeal when I came in to blogging (more on that later) so I know the feeling of existential dread that can come with ‘so what do I want to blog about?’ or ‘will people read it?’ Questions like ‘what do I want to do with my blog’ can become bigger, and make us wonder ‘what do I want to do with my life?’ and in to pulling out the big guns, like ‘why are we all here?’

The rabbit hole goes deep. So getting on with something as apparently simple as becoming a blogger, painter, or writer – anything where you are quite directly in control, as opposed to your typical 9-5’s – can be tricky. Trust me, I know – and maybe you’re experiencing some of this yourself. Well, I think this is where I want to take things – so we’ll see.

I have my first coaching client today. A friend has taken me up on the offer of some free coaching so that I can test-run my approach, and hone in my skills, so that’ll be interesting (and I’ll update you all on how it goes.) I like the idea of helping people out in real life as well as through the blog, to guide them personally through whatever blocks they’ve encountered (physical and mental) and help them level-up their game. I’ve also got a potential client for me to do some web design and online marketing for, and help him spread the word about the healing modality he’s developed. Whatever level people are at, I want to help them take it a step further. Maybe I’ll end up helping you out?

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