Despite having already messed around a bit with running a blog (well, several actually) this is the firs time I’m taking it seriously and starting from scratch. I don’t have any real aim or focus, except perhaps to find my focus. I mean that two-fold, I suppose: firstly, what is it I’m going to be focussing on? What topic or topics will my blog cover? As far as I’ve gathered having a somewhat defined niche helps a lot with a blog – but I’ll worry about that down the line. Also, I need to find my focus – my calm and productive drive to propel me forward with all of this. What skills and habits would I do well to adopt if I really want to make a go of all this?

Planning seems to be paramount. I want to be writing for at least an hour a day on my blog. That shouldn’t feel ambitious, considering I’m fairly certain that if I added up all the time I currently spend throughout the day doing basically nothing, it would well over-run the sixty minute mark. Now, this won’t always be published content – as much work is going to go in to the behind-the-scenes stuff (the planning, editing, etc.) as what ends up actually being posted. As well as that I’ll be spending time doing research, working on the social media side of things, and connecting with other bloggers (making friends and scoping out my competition).

It feels funny, having started a few blogs in the past, being back at this ‘first blog post’ stage. There are always certain things to get excited about at this stage, all that pent up potential: but then there’s always that anxiety lurking around the corner, asking what all this is for, why you spend all your time writing, and why you don’t just go put some socks on and get a real job. Part of the process with this blog, in particular over its predecessors, is going to be pushing through those worries and limiting beliefs; utilizing all the gear in my mental tool-kit to power on and see real results, riding out my intentions.

I’m thinking as well that I might start a Facebook group to go along with this site – a sort of hangout for fellow newbie-bloggers, where we can build a community to help inspire and lend a hand when we’re at a loss. If that’s something you’d be interested in let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to you all when it’s up and running. Well, I would love to stick around a little longer but I’ve got a stack of dishes to do and a messy room to tidy, so until next time.

Published by Jason Philip

Hey there, I'm Jason. I'm a blogger, artist, creative coach and internet marketer living in Edinburgh. I currently write for Transpersonal Growth as well as my personal blog, and manage Reality Hack on Facebook.

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